Updating hard drive macbook pro

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Updating hard drive macbook pro

Put simply, it's often not possible to upgrade the CPU in a Mac, or its GPU (that is, the graphics card).

With Mac models featuring Thunderbolt you can attach an external GPU, but those Macs are recent models.

If you're in line to be gifted a Mac Book Pro this holiday season (even if it's from yourself), you're most likely equal parts excited and apprehensive. With every new Apple product comes the inevitable disappearance of something or other—and this time it's the trusty USB port.

If you currently own a Mac Book Pro, you already know how frustrating it can be to vie for USB ports among all of your devices.

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What if we told you that you can take an older Mac and turn it into something that feels and acts like it's fresh from the Apple Store - including jaw-dropping performance, and features such as Handoff or Fusion disk technology that are theoretically only available with latest models?

But it isn't possible to take advantage of an upgrade at the same time - you can't fit a higher-resolution screen, or upgrade to a more powerful battery, or swap your Super Drive for a Blu-Ray model (although it is possible to attach a USB Blu-Ray drive).The hub plugs into your USB-C port and adds two USB-C ports, three USB-A ports, an SD port, and a micro SD port.Not only will you not have to wait for your phone to finish syncing to plug in your i Pad, but you won't have to worry about updating every single accessory you own to USB C.Before you get the screwdrivers out, be sure to check your device serial number against Apple's 'Check Coverage' page.Now let's talk briefly about what can't be upgraded or hacked.

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On any modern Mac Book Pro or Mac Book Air with a built-in battery, which is just a bout all of them nowadays, this is how you do that: Older Macs can find directions here for the same process on their machines, it’s slightly different if you can take out the battery. Regular readers may recall that we covered some OS X keyboard shortcuts for the Shutdown, Sleep, and Restart controls of just about every Mac, and this little key press sequence takes advantage of those.

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